Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission

Adopt-A-Light Volunteer Program

The Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission (TLAC) is seeking volunteers to adopt lighted channel markers on Smith Mountain Lake. Volunteers monitor their adopted marker and  notify us when a marker requires repair or maintenance.  This program assists us to initiate prompt maintenance by alerting American Electric Power (AEP).  The responsibility for the majority of navigation markers became AEP’s on April 1, 2010. In an effort to assist all who enjoy the lake, TLAC will continue to forward reports of malfunctions to AEP immediately. If you can see a navigation marker from your home, or frequently boat past a marker, you may wish to volunteer as an adopter.

The channel markers lights in need of adoption include:

  • Beaverdam Creek:  BE-2, BE-4, and BE-5
  • Blackwater River:  B-13, B-14, B-16, B-18, and B-21A
  • Craddock Creek:  C-1 and C-2A
  • Gills Creek:  All are adopted at this time.
  • Roanoke River:  R-6, R-8, R-11A, R-17, R-18, R-21A, R-24, R-27, R-28, R-30, R-39, R-41, R-42, R-58A, R-61, R-65, R-65A, R-68, R-70, R-73, R-74, R-75, R-75A, R-76, R-77,  R-78, R-79, R-80, R-81, R-83, R-85, and R-87
  • Witcher’s Creek:  W-1

To become an adopter, please contact us at 540-721-4400 or

Thank you to all of our current “adopters”. Without a doubt, your assistance helps keep the lake a safe place for boaters.


Adopt-A-Buoy Volunteer Program

The Adopt-A-Buoy Program covers the 57 shoal and rock buoys on Smith Mountain Lake. Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission (TLAC) is also looking for volunteers to “Adopt-a-Buoy”.

The following are the shoal and rock buoys in need of adoption (nearest channel marker shown):

Roanoke River:  S002 (near R-6),  S006 (near R-15),  S023 (near R-11),  S040 (near R-85),  S041 (near R-87),  S042 (near R-87),  SO50 (near R-6),  S051 (near R-6),  S054 (near R-12),  P (near R-11),  AAA (near R-11),  Q (near R-11),  W (near R-26),  DD (near R-6),  JJ (near R-27A),  X (near R-27A),  BB (near R-6),  AA (near R-6),  F (near R-6),  R (near R-11),  S (near R-11A),  BBB (near R-11),  Z (near R-11),  CC (near R-6), T (near R-15) and Y (near R-27A).

Blackwater River:  S020 (near B-11), S022 (near B-23), S028 (near B-4), S037 (near B-10A), FF (near B-13), and EE (near B-8A)

Gills Creek: All are adopted at this time.

Witcher’s Creek:  U (near G-1) and V (near G-1)

Volunteers are asked to monitor a buoy which they can see from their home and notify TLAC if it is missing or has been damaged. Interested residents can contact us at 540-721-4400 or

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