Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission

About TLAC

Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission (TLAC) is the administrative department that represents Bedford, Campbell, Franklin and Pittsylvania Counties: the counties bordering Smith Mountain Lake and Leesville Lake.

TLAC was established to carry out lake planning duties as may be assigned by the respective Boards of Supervisors. Such duties may include, but are not limited to, navigation marker issues, aquatic vegetation issues, debris cleanup issues, monitoring of AEP’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission License requirements, and coordination with American Electric Power on lake related issues.

TLAC may also be tasked with specific projects which require the coordination of lake volunteers in order to accomplish such activities. TLAC shall serve as the first point of contact for lake related issues and concerns and shall forward such concerns as are appropriate to the body or agency best able to respond. Notwithstanding the above, TLAC is authorized only to perform those duties as approved in the annual Work Plan and as amended, by its Board of Directors and which are not the responsibility of Appalachian Power Company / American Electric Power or its assigns and successors by virtue of its License with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The mission of TLAC is to assist in the development of a harmonious community at the lakes through the administration of those programs and projects delegated to it by the Boards of Supervisors of the affected counties and to study and advise the Boards of Supervisors on issues related to the overall well-being of the lakes as directed by the member counties. It is the mission of TLAC to do for the four counties in a more efficient and effective manner what any one of the member counties could do for themselves individually; and, to perform such duties and to exercise such appropriate powers and authority as may be delegated by the Boards of Supervisors of the member counties to TLAC and not exceeding the limits of delegation as prescribed under the Code of Virginia.


Kristina Sage, Executive Director

Jeanne Harvey, Sr. Administrative Associate

Christina Matrangola, Sr. Administrative Associate


Board of Directors

Robert Hiss, County Administrator
David Wells, Citizen Representative
Edgar Tuck, County Supervisor

Tom Lawton, County Supervisor
Frank J. Rogers, County Administrator

Lorie Smith, County Supervisor, TLAC Chair
Chris Whitlow, County Administrator
Jeff Salmon, County Citizen at Large

County Administrator
Darrell Dalton, County Supervisor
Emily Ragsdale, County Citizen at Large

Neil Holthouser, APCo Representative (non-voting)

Roy Kelley, LLA Representative

John Vidovich, SMLA Representative



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