Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission

After several months of debate, the Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission voted to grant a no-wake zone in an area of the lake near Eagle’s Roost campground.

Andy Thruston, a resident near Eagle’s Roost campground, applied for a no-wake zone last year to cut down on wakes from boaters entering the small cove. TLAC’s navigation committee denied the request Sept. 20 due to lack of public services available.

The TLAC board asked the navigation committee to reconsider the decision at its December meeting. TLAC board member Bob Camicia questioned if the criteria for a no-wake zone should be updated due to it not being changed since it was first created 20 years ago.

The navigation committee voted against making changes to its no-wake zone criteria a meeting last month. Randy Stow, chairman of the navigation committee, explained the decision at TLAC’s board meeting held Feb. 14. Stow read an excerpt of TLAC’s established no-wake zone criteria at the meeting with one portion being critical to the debate. “They are not to be viewed as a solution to traffic control, erosion control or protection of personal property,” Stow read. “Enforcement of existing boating regulations, continuing emphasis on boating education, evolving statewide regulations are viewed as logical solutions to these issues.”

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