Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission

Wake Education Task Force

The Wake Education Task Force is a cross-section of citizens from Smith Mountain and Leesville lakes, appointed by the TLAC Board of Directors, to research and develop an educational program to inform boaters of the importance of proper and safe boating behaviors and etiquette associated with wakes to minimize unintended hazardous consequences.

The Wake Education Task Force is seeking 2 new members. If you are interested, please fill out this form: Application Form

Task Force Members

Leesville Lake
Bill Beckett

Smith Mountain Lake
Josh McClure, President
Joy Manning, Secretary

Jerry Hale
Ken Hayes, III
Michael McCord
Troy Rech
Rusty Richardson
Randy Stow
Ben Vidovich

Ad Hoc Members
Rachel McClure
Kristina Sage, TLAC
Lorie Smith, TLAC Check out Recommended Safe Towed Watersports Operating Areas.

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06/28/2024: Wake Education Task Force share towed watersports safety tips ahead of Fourth of July week

11/10/2023: Safety Milestone

08/18/2023: New Recreation Safety Campaign Launches at SML

🗓️ Events!

08/03/2024: 1st Flotilla of 2024 – Join us at 2PM at R52; the Ice Cream Boat and Hot Dog Boat may be there too!

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