Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission
Residents and visitors at Smith Mountain Lake may notice more signage, handouts, and other materials related to lake recreation safety.

In October 2022, the Wake Education Task Force was appointed by the Tri-County Lakes Administration Commission (TLAC). Since then, the group has been working to create a consistent message and associated collateral material to educate residents and visitors about how to safely enjoy Smith Mountain Lake.

New signs and banners feature the phrase “Wake Smarter, Tow Responsibly” and include important reminders to 1) Minimize repetitive passes 2) Stay 200 feet out 3) Avoid congested areas and 4) Avoid erratic driving. A QR code on all signage takes you to the TLAC Wake Education Task Force webpage to learn more about the task force and safe boating.

The task force has also created a new handout of guidelines that will be distributed to boat rental companies and short-term property renters through local agencies. This will help familiarize visitors with the program.

“The task force, which is comprised of citizens who enjoy many different watersports, is excited by the positive reception with which area marinas, rental companies, and recreational businesses are embracing the wake education message,” said Kristina Sage, executive director of TLAC. “‘Wake Smarter, Tow Responsibly’ resonates with our community and we look forward to increased attentiveness and consideration for all who are enjoying activities on the water.”

To learn more about TLAC and the Wake Education Task Force, visit their website.

New wake education banner at SML

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