Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission
The TLAC 2024 SMP Summary Revision Recommendations & Summary Report in this link was formally adopted by the Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission (TLAC) Board of Directors at the December 12, 2023 meeting. This report represents the compilation of comments collected from the Smith Mountain Lake and Leesville Lake communities through in-person, group roundtable and electronic submissions of suggestions and concerns expressed as noted on page 4 of the report.
Appalachian Power Company (APCO) received this report following endorsement of the TLAC Board of Directors. A formal presentation and in-depth discussion of this report will take place at a future date between representatives of APCO and TLAC. As TLAC is committed to be transparent with the review process, this link provides the Appalachian Power Company Smith Mountain Project No. 2210 Plan and Schedule for 10-Year Review as provided by APCO on December 8, 2023.
TLAC will continue to provide news of developments in the revision process through our website. Please check this website or contact our office with any questions you may have.